Goodbye, Ticket Monopolists: How a Decentralized Ticketing Platform can change the Game

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Discover the future of ticketing with a decentralized platform that aims to transform the industry, eliminate high fees, and enhance transparency and fairness.
Ever been annoyed by high fees and restrictive conditions from ticket monopolists like Ticketmaster? Worry no more! This blog post outlines a project that proposes a new, decentralised approach to ticketing, designed to create a fairer experience and offer an innovative perspective on the ticketing industry. The Magic Behind the Curtain: IOTA’s Shimmer Network The project is built upon IOTA’s Shimmer Network, a distributed ledger technology that allows the creation and transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

A fully decentralised, easy accessible app

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Unstoppable Web 3.0 App with IPFS, OrbitDB and the tor-protocol in any browser.
The vision Imagine an application that could do it all… Something between reddit, instagram, telegram and eBay. Now imagine everyone on this platform can be anonymous - no IP log, no nothing. The application would not be served from a single server, instead it would be decentralised and accessible through a regular browser. This means, that anyone can participate and communicate / buy / sell anything they want. Because of its decentralised nature, the application could not be stopped or shut down by a government entities.

Evening the playing field - A new society with Industry 4.0 and IOTA

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A protocol that will shape our future. IOTA is a decentralised, scalable & feeless transfer protocol for value & data
Part 1: What was, will be GDP Growth is declining all around the world. We reached our economic peak 20 years ago. CO2 emissions are changing the water cycle rapidly, which is exponentially shifting the chemistry of our planet. By the end of this century only half of the species on this planet will be left. It is terrifying! So what do we do? We need a new economic vision for the world and we need it quick. - Gift your family the future

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A web application to generate and top up beautiful, redeemable IOTA coupons.
Intro I love technology, the useful, disruptive kind of tech. IOTA is such a technology. It promises a completely decentralized protocol to transfer value and data. This means no central entity, no power and influence center that controls others. If you want to no more about IOTA check out my post “IOTA the next industrial revolution”. Obviously I am an IOTA fanatic. If you have some constructive thoughts, please contact me on telegram @ByteVagabond ; always open for a good discussion.