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A web application to generate and top up beautiful, redeemable IOTA coupons.
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I love technology, the useful, disruptive kind of tech. IOTA is such a technology. It promises a completely decentralized protocol to transfer value and data. This means no central entity, no power and influence center that controls others. If you want to no more about IOTA check out my post “IOTA the next industrial revolution”. Obviously I am an IOTA fanatic. If you have some constructive thoughts, please contact me on telegram @ByteVagabond ; always open for a good discussion.

Functionality & use case

With that in mind I used my spare time to program a little side project which turned out quite beautiful. On you can sign up and create coupons easily. You can choose how many coupons your campaign should have and what the total MIOTA value that campaign should have. You can then design these coupons with a personal message, change the logo, border & colors. In the end you can easily print an pdf with the coupons and a redeem code.

The use case for this site was originally to create coupons for promotion on events and the like. It just so happened, that it turned into a full featured platform, where everyone can create a coupon for their loved ones. As a present or to fuel you electronic Jaguar car.


The website itself is hosted on my vps. I used the infamous MEAN stack to code the backend and frontend. MEAN stack stands for:

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Angular
  • NodeJS

MongoDB as a NoSQL database, Express as server, Angular as frontend framework and NodeJs as the underlying technology for the server as well as the frontend. The development process was straight forward and had a sharp learning curve. A big advantage being, that you use Javascript / Typescript for the frontend and the backend. For beginners I can absolutely recommend to go down that road. I for myself prefer more the CouchDB / PouchDB with Ionic Angular + Capacitor way. It is more complicated on the backend part, but the benefits ultimately pay off.

Pay a visit and create some coupons. You can also create 0 value coupons, as IOTAs feeless nature allows you to do that easily.