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Self-Sufficient Gardening & Permaculture 101

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A guide to self-sufficient gardening and permaculture for beginners.
This article is based on my personal experience and in part on the teachings of the excellent Don Giardino. If you want to learn more about gardening and permaculture, I highly recommend his book and his website. Introduction: The Art of Reading Nature’s Signals Having a green thumb isn’t just about having some magical ability to grow plants. It’s about being an excellent observer of nature and learning to understand the signals that plants give us.

Goodbye, Ticket Monopolists: How a Decentralized Ticketing Platform can change the Game

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Discover the future of ticketing with a decentralized platform that aims to transform the industry, eliminate high fees, and enhance transparency and fairness.
Ever been annoyed by high fees and restrictive conditions from ticket monopolists like Ticketmaster? Worry no more! This blog post outlines a project that proposes a new, decentralised approach to ticketing, designed to create a fairer experience and offer an innovative perspective on the ticketing industry. The Magic Behind the Curtain: IOTA’s Shimmer Network The project is built upon IOTA’s Shimmer Network, a distributed ledger technology that allows the creation and transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Why I Deleted WhatsApp and What I've Gained From Living Without It for 5 Years

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I deleted WhatsApp and gained freedom, peace of mind, and better connections
In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without WhatsApp. The popular messaging app has become an integral part of our daily lives, allowing us to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues no matter where we are. But what if you were to live without WhatsApp for 5 years? I know this sounds like a daunting task, but hear me out. I recently made the decision to delete WhatsApp from my phone and, after nearly five years of living without it, I can confidently say that it’s been a liberating experience.

A fully decentralised, easy accessible app

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Unstoppable Web 3.0 App with IPFS, OrbitDB and the tor-protocol in any browser.
The vision Imagine an application that could do it all… Something between reddit, instagram, telegram and eBay. Now imagine everyone on this platform can be anonymous - no IP log, no nothing. The application would not be served from a single server, instead it would be decentralised and accessible through a regular browser. This means, that anyone can participate and communicate / buy / sell anything they want. Because of its decentralised nature, the application could not be stopped or shut down by a government entities.

Food for thought

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We live in an age of constant change. I have compiled a collection of quotes from wise people who put this change into words.
Surveillance Capitalism So, famously, industrial capitalism claimed nature. Innocent rivers, and meadows, and forests, and so forth, for the market dynamic to be reborn as real estate, as land that could be sold and purchased. Industrial capitalism claimed work for the market dynamic to be reborn as labor that could be sold and purchased. Now, here comes surveillance capitalism, following this pattern, but with a dark and startling twist. What surveillance capitalism claims is private, human experience.

Webdev Endgame 2020

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Using the whole potential of the web by bringing native app like features to the web.
I created a full stack template to quickly build nativ cross-platform apps with one web code base: CAIN-Stack Code & Docs Intro With Steve Jobs originally presenting the idea of web apps “that look exactly and behave exactly like native apps” 12 years ago and 4 years since the term “PWA” was coined, How close are we to a webpage that behaves like a native app? First lets take a look what makes an app native:

Piracy and privacy bible

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If it rhymes, it chimes. Only an invisible pirate is a good pirate. Not really a post, just two very good resources, that i want to share. is one of my favorite sites. I fo─║lowed many tips & tricks such as switching to as my email provider, using bitwarden as my password manager, standardnotes as my note taking tool and the like. Study it and try to realize as much as possible. After you went incognito, you can start to do some fun things without creating to much noise. Follow the awesome piracy guide to find hidden treasures.

Evening the playing field - A new society with Industry 4.0 and IOTA

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A protocol that will shape our future. IOTA is a decentralised, scalable & feeless transfer protocol for value & data
Part 1: What was, will be GDP Growth is declining all around the world. We reached our economic peak 20 years ago. CO2 emissions are changing the water cycle rapidly, which is exponentially shifting the chemistry of our planet. By the end of this century only half of the species on this planet will be left. It is terrifying! So what do we do? We need a new economic vision for the world and we need it quick.