Webdev Endgame 2020

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Using the whole potential of the web by bringing native app like features to the web.
I created a full stack template to quickly build nativ cross-platform apps with one web code base: CAIN-Stack Code & Docs Intro With Steve Jobs originally presenting the idea of web apps “that look exactly and behave exactly like native apps” 12 years ago and 4 years since the term “PWA” was coined, How close are we to a webpage that behaves like a native app? First lets take a look what makes an app native:

Distro Endgame 2020

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An operating system for the people. Easy to use, fast, bloatfree and professional.
Shortcut Manjaro Linux with larbs.xyz on dwm and ly as session manager. Ok nerds, now bash me. n00bs keep on reading. Explanation Windows is a bloated, slow, proprietary piece of spaghetti code that is spying on you. Linux is the answer. Even for normies. You can have a nice desktop, great office software and even game with Wine staging or proton. Manjaro Linux is the best distro for people who want cutting edge technology without having a huge headache.

Nginx performance upgrades for your website

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Speed up your website with Nginx gzip and browser caching
Why host your own webserver? Why would you even care about the hassle of setting up your own webserver? Two reasons: It is most likely cheaper than any webhosting package Customizability I have a 2GB Ram VPS on netcup.de and recently was lucky enough to get it on blackfirday for 1,69€ a month. Currently I am hosting a couple of NodeJS applications controlled with PM2, a CouchDB installation and a couple of static sites.